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"Synde" The state of being bound, linked or connected together.

Syndesy Technologies, Inc. provides IoT solutions to meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are reliable and exceptional. We’re proud to design and manufacture in the U.S.A.

Syndesy produces finished products; FCC-, IC- and carrier-certified boards; and modular add-on boards which help enterprise and engineering customers turn their products into connected devices, ready for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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New Product

The SynTRAC PL1-CM 4G LTE Modem is an ideal solution for reliable, fast wireless internet from anywhere. Perfect for laptops, tablets or any other device that requires an Internet connection.

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Industrial Design

Find out more about customized enclosures and engineering services. 




SynTRAC™ PLx  family of IoT communication devices enable solutions providers, OEMs and others to harness the potential of the Internet of Things, making their products connected end devices. 

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